Edinburgh Holistic Dogs

Specialising in training for Foreign Rescue Dogs and Reactive Dogs which is inspired by my personal history of adopting Old English Sheepdogs and after realising there is an increasing number of adopted dogs, whose owners are struggling.

I show owners how they can transform their lives with their dogs, the training provided isn’t your typical obedience style instead I focuses on confidence building, strengthening communication and how to handle stressful situations.

Training is done on a 121 basis, I am known for my relaxed and friendly approach when working with dogs and their owners. I always share own experiences with my dogs both the good and the embarrassing too.

I am driven by the need to help fellow dog owners who want the best for their dog and are stuck on how to go about it. The common problem I come across is the lack of support and help new owners get from the place they rescued their dog, this in turn causes unnecessary problems or escalates easy problems to solve into something more intensive.

I absolutely love seeing the relationship between owner and dog grow, become stronger and deeper. Seeing the owners become proud of their dogs achievements too.