Home from Home Pet Care


My name is Samantha and I believe I have the best job in the world. I run a daycare and home boarding service in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. I have the absolute pleasure of caring for many dogs and have met some amazing humans through my work too! Within my daycare, I also help dogs who have problems socially to cope with being around other dogs and generally build their confidence. I do pack walks where I incorporate breed fulfillment, I have the labs learn to retrieve and the spaniels go find planted decoys. I also practice generally safety procedures like recall and emergency stops.
I offer training as part of my business but I love everything about my daycare and home boarding. The last few years have been tough for so many, I lost mum and dad then my cousin who was also my closest friend and my 18.5 year old mix breed Holly. On a brighter note, my hubby James and I finally tied the knot and built our house. We called it Holly’s view, after my old girl. Blood, sweat and tears, that was but I feel I can now offer an even higher standard of service than before we built our own house. We are so blessed.
My children are very involved with my business. Maddy is 15 and Isla is 9 and are both little grafters and brilliant with our dogs and clients.