Mizz Pawz Dog Trainer and Behaviour Professional

Mizz Pawz Dog Trainer and Behaviour Professional

My name is Deborah O’Neill, I am a professional Dog Trainer and Canine Coach within the North Lanarkshire area,Established in 2012.

It has always been my livelong dream to become a dog trainer, and I have worked so hard for many years to make it come true. I hope to be the voice that dogs don’t have, to stand up out of the crowd and not only preach but also show how more successful positive training methods are and teaching owner’s how to help their dogs. I actually broke my leg in march 2020 then lockdown happened. I have to be honest and admit, I worried tremendously about the future of Mizz Pawz. It was an incredibly stressful and upsetting time.

I am pleased to announce that the support from my clients and local area have been astounding. No matter the situation, I always push the business and it always amazes me with it’s progression and reputation. Mizz Pawz is here to stay with my usually high industry standards.

I understand, I am a reasonably small business but this means I have full focus on the business, I have the ambition and drive to keep improving, I can offer a personal experience and every training session is tailered to each dogs personality, strengths and weaknesses. My business ethos, at Mizz Pawz, is to spread knowledge and understanding of our canine campanions. To use positive and Force-free training and skills to help dogs and owners reach their true potential.

Sadly, there are still alot of ‘old school’, domanice theory based trainers who use force, fear and intimidation to train pets. This is a prehistoric mindset, usually mentally and physically abusive. Dogs are our family, at no point should anyone ever need to use force to train a dog. In fact there are hundreds of studies showing the success of positive training and de-bunking the dominance type training methods.

Mizz Pawz is a professional and bespoke dog training and coaching business, offering training for all different kinds of dog training issues you may be experiencing. We use ethical and positive methods only. From Puppy training all the way to a senior dog, I specialize in Rescue dog rehabilitation, training your puppy for success, training blind dogs, working dogs, fearful and low confidence dogs, and dog to dog aggression. My slogan is “Helping dogs reach their full potential”.

Mizz Pawz offers 1-2-1 training sessions with the dog and owner to work on any issues. I have completed extensive training on dog behavior and training but also on specific topics of interest such as dog nutrition, pet first aid, Separation Anxiety, dog cognition, and emotional intelligence.

I am fully insured, police checked, first aid trained and I’m certified as a Dog trainer and Canine Coach by Canine Principles

I have a good reputation in the area for helping dogs and owner understand each other and offer an excellent standard of positive, force-free training.

I have 58 five star reviews for my business on Yell.com and numerous other reviews elsewhere on social media. These reviews display case studies from a owners point of view how their dog has improved including what their experience of the service is. See reviews here

I am pleased to announce I have recently been awarded the title of “best business of 2020 for dog training in North Lanarkshire”. This award was provided by “Three best rated”. At Mizz Pawz, I always strive to be the very best I can possibly be, keeping up to date with current training methods and recent animals behaviour studies. I have been featured in newspapers several times include a large article for my dog charity donations. Every year around Christmas Mizz Pawz does a charity collection for 1 local dog rescue centre and 1 local cat rescue centre. I am always amazed just how much we can collect to help all the homeless animals.

I also offer freelance training work and at present, I am contracted by Pawtropolis dog daycare Centre in Cumbernauld to design and run their in-depth bespoke training classes and offer 1-2-1 training and behaviour. This allows me to have another outlet to help owners and dogs understand each other and develop their skills and bond using positive training methods. ”

Please feel free to check out my website and my Facebook

Awards-list: Best Dog Trainer, Best Pet Behaviourist