Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

SGS isn’t a centre as such. We don’t have somewhere the public can visit dogs in kennels. That’s because all of our homeless dogs spend time in foster homes for a period of assessment and basic training. We like to get to know our dogs and what type of home they need. Then we can match them with the right forever home! All of this takes enormous time and effort. SGS is completely run by volunteers, from trustees to transporters, rehoming coordinators to home checkers. Each and every one plays a vital role in the work we do.

SGS, as the name suggests, takes in and rehomes greyhounds in need. Mostly it’s ex racing greyhounds, but quite often lurchers too. So we are a sighthound specific charity. Greyhounds, and some lurchers, are very unique among dog breeds. But contrary to what a lot of people think they are not high maintenance, they are big lazy couch potatoes. More and more people are adopting greyhounds and lurchers these days as they realise just what amazing dogs they are!

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