The Animal Physiotherapist

The Animal Physiotherapist was established in 2021 by Chartered Physiotherapist Gillian Leung, fulfilling her lifelong dream to work with animals. The philosophy of the business is to maximise function, fitness and performance of all animals through professional, compassionate and evidence-based physiotherapy. The most common animals referred by veterinarians are horses and dogs but the business has also helped cats and rabbits in its first year. Animals are treated in their own environment where they are more relaxed and any problems with managing daily activities can be more easily identified and addressed.
Every animal receives an individualised physiotherapy plan suited to the particular issues identified during assessment and in collaboration with their owner. Understanding the close relationship between owners and their pets is key in the personal and dedicated care that is provided to every animal referred. There is a strong emphasis on preventative medicine as well as helping animals recover following injury, illness or surgery.