The Dogworks

The Dogworks

I’m Karen and I’m the founder and Head Training and Behaviour Consultant at The Dogworks. I’ve worked with dogs for over 10 years and began my career in Spain where I became involved in animal welfare. I volunteered in rescue kennels, fostered dozens of dogs and puppies, and assessed and trained dogs for adoption and rehoming, and was lucky enough to be selected to attend The Dog’s Trust International Training Programme in London in 2013.  I came back to Scotland at the beginning of 2015 and set up The Dogworks in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire. My passion is in helping people develop a deeper, more meaningful relationships with their dogs through training.

I now have a really successful dog training business with training classes for puppies and adult dogs, private one-to-one training where people need some help with specific issues, and more bespoke behavioural support for different issues that need a much more in-depth program of behaviour modification for example anxieties and phobias, dogs with fear-based problems, and rescue dogs that have had difficult or abusive backgrounds.

I truly love my job and I believe that dogs will give more when they’re enjoying learning. I only use positive reinforcement or reward based training methods and my objective is to provide a professional and supportive environment for people and their dogs to thrive as a team. I also teach and mentor budding new trainers how to conduct classes and training support to clients and support them as they build and set up themselves in the business; something which I felt was sadly lacking when I was beginning my career.


I also provide volunteering positions for the local community to give back a little bit wherever I can. Dogs can be great therapy and I’ve helped build confidence and provided opportunities wherever I can in people who have additional support needs to feel included and get back into the workplace.





Nominated for Best Dog Daycare Business, Best Dog Trainer, Best Pet Behaviourist

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