The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company

The Happy Go Lucky Dog Company, HGL for short, is owned and run by mother/daughter team Anne and Victoria Johnson.

As a company our ethos is “An Active Dog is a Happy Go Lucky Dog” and we strive to get people moving more with their four legged companions. We wish to create happy/healthy owners & dogs. We travel the UK with our trade stands attending all manner of events and are proud to have our dedicated dog sporting shop on Burntisland High Street in Fife.
At HGL we are proud to supply the very best equipment to the working, showing and pet dog markets
We have worked hard to create our reputation for being fair, honest and helpful which is shown by customers traveling to be personally fitted in the shop from all over the UK including Bristol, Mull, Aberdeen & Northumberland just to name a few.
When lockdown came and our local customers became worried about being able to keep their other pets happy and healthy so we jumped into action and expanded our range drastically and offered free contactless delivery to help those who were shielding and to encourage those in an around our area to stay home.
In 2016, when HGL was in it’s infancy, our whole world was turned up side down by the death of our sister and daughter Rebecca. HGL was Becky’s dream and we have put every once of our grief, pain and heartache into HGL. This company is our everything, it’s is our connection to Becky, it’s our future, it is what makes us happy, it is what got us out of bed and smiling again.

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Awards-list: Best Family Pet Business, Best Pet Business of the Year, Best Pet Retailer