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Nominate a business for the Scottish Pet Awards

If you want to propose a business for an award please fill out the form below.

You can nominate any pet business in Scotland for these awards. Groomers, Dog Walkers, Daycares, Dog Friendly Pubs, Hotels,Cafes.

If the business is in the Scottish Pet Industry nominate them for whatever category you feel appropriate and we shall get in touch with them.

Once they are registered you can vote for your favourite. Nominations and registrations commence from 1/8/2020.

Share the news about your favourite nomination and help them win the best in their field.

Nominations may be regional pending the volume of entries, especially as Scotland is such a big place!


Please use the form below to nominate a business.

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Nominations are now closed till 2021!

Please check out the most frequently asked questions FAQs below about nominating a Pet Business.

Find the answers to some of the questions related to nominating a business for an award in the 2020 Scottish Pet Awards.

How do I submit a business for an award?
Fill out the form above and we will be in touch with the business nomiated.
Does it cost anythign to nominate a business?
No you can propose businesses for free.
What is the process after nomination?
We contact the business to check they wish to take part in the awards. Assuming they do you can then vote for the business.